Across 190 countries and territories,YM protects the victims of bullying

for 3.2 victims of bullying, I would like to 

 You are your biggest bully when it comes to sports. But #wegetup


Movie stars also underwent bullying and pressure and they share their experience on it. You are #notalone 


Fashion models who seem perfect even had ordeals to overcome. You Matter will engage the industry to talk about an uncomfortable topic of bullying in the industry. #overcome peer pressure. 


Leaders around the world talk about their experience with bullying but how they are #invincible. You can also be #invincible 



You Matter Co.




Be the change

Everyone experiences bullying. Please stop pretending that bullying doesn't happen anymore. Let's be the change.

Snapchat created an Anti-Bullying storyline with You Matter 100 Percent. Check your SnapChat Discovery! 

New York, USA 


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