Big or Small, Bullying is Bullying. 


Who we are 

We are an international major organization for anti-bullying. You Matter 100 Percent engages all communities. We provide tangible support, care, and solutions for victims of bullying. We change the culture for the better. 


What we do

We are an international organization board for anti-bullying, so we overlook the culture and numbers of bullying around the world. Our ultimate goal is to stop bullying across the world. 


Why were we established? 

Despite the many anti-bullying organizations and efforts, there are still no tangible results. Not all of society is involved in the efforts to solve the issue of bullying. 


When were we established?

2009 the logistics of the vision and plan was thought out, making execution official in 2010.


Where are we established? 

Established in 133 countries. Involved with many institutions in those 133 countries. 


How were we established? 

We are a group of individuals who are passionate about anti-bullying and promotion of positivity, with the primary vision to end bullying around the world. In order to stop bullying, we are going to catch and identify bullying no matter the size of seriousness. Big or small, bullying is bullying. 

Supporters Of You Matter

Oackley sponsors You Matter 100% Anti-Bullying Orgnization


“We highly value You Matter's goals and achievements, and we encourage them to continue to aspire to new heights.”


Olympics sponsors You Matter



"With athletes and coaches, we are in full support of You Matter and will make a difference with passion and connection." 

New York, USA 


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